Gift card

If you wish to gift a skydive to someone, do as follows:

  1. Make sure the recipient is eligible to jump. For an independent jump, they must be at least 15 years old, for a tandem jump at least 8 years old (or large enough to fit in the harness). For persons under 18, a written permission from the parent or a guardian is required. If needed, ask us for a template of the permission – the parent must know what he is signing. The recipient’s health must be in order. In case of any doubt, please contact us in advance.
  2. Find a course that is suitable for the recipient. We offer three different possibilities to start skydiving – SL, AFF ja tandem courses.
    A tandem course means a jump together with an instructor under a large parachute, it takes less time and permits you to surprise the recipient – if you so wish, then they would not need to know what awaits them until the very arrival to the airfield … An SL course which includes one independent jump with a steerable rectangular parachute offers the recipient the possibility to really put him- or herself to the test – by jumping into a 1,5 kilometre void on their own – and to experience a powerful feeling of overcoming fear. An AFF course where already the first jump takes place from an altitude of 4 kilometres and includes 45 seconds of freefall together with two experienced instructors, who hold the student in a correct body position and, if necessary, help the student to open their parachute.
  3. Send an email to and let us know the name of the recipient, the chosen type of the course (SL course: 139€, tandem: 229€, tandem + video: 298€, AFF course 299€) and your own name, telephone and email address. If you are not sure which type of a course the recipient wants, we can also issue a gift card for a freely chosen amount of money which the recipient can use to pay for the course of their own choosing. To receive a gift card faster, send us a copy of your payment order to
  4. A gift card is valid for two years since issue. The theory course must be passed before the expiration date of the card. Theory courses take place between May and August. The recipient can register for the jump on our webpage by using the registration form for the relevant course.
  5. Transfer the fee for the chosen course to our bank account no EE127700771001616162 with LHV Bank (LHVBEE22). In the description of the payment, write “GIFT”, the name of the recipient and the chosen type of a course.
  6. To make sure you receive the gift card on time, we recommend to contact us at least a couple of days before you need the card.
  7. Give the card to the recipient and, if you can, come with them to the airfield!

If you have any questions, write to or call +372 5343 3626