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To buy a gift card, do as follows:


First, check that the recipient is fit to jump. For an independent jump (AFF or Static Line), they must be at least 15 yrs old, for a tandem jump – at least 8 yrs old (or big enough to fit in the harness). Minors must hold a written permit from their parent or guardian. Independent jumpers must weigh between 50 and 105 kg, tandem jumpers not more than 100 kg. The recipients’s health must be adequate. In case of doubts, contact us.

Think what kind of person the recipient is? A healthy person with an active lifestyle, who has some free time on summer weekends, will most likely enjoy a gift of an independent jump course (AFF or Static Line). A tandem jump takes less time and is suitable for almost anybody from kids to seniors. If you do not know the preferences of the recipient, you can always buy a gift card for a cash amount – they can then choose for themselves.

When you’ve made the choice, complete the purchase to receive the gift card in a few minutes. Tell us the e-mail address to which you would like to receive the card. This may be the address of the recipient, your address, or both. For a cash gift card, specify the amount. Then add the card to cart and proceed to payment. Fill out all the necessary fields, choose your payment method and submit the order. You will receive the gift card to your e-mail; you can either forward or print the card.

Which gift card to choose?

Tandem jump

a tandem jump with an experienced instructor is an easy and safe way to experience freefall. During the jump, the “passenger” is attached to the instructor and they both land under the same canopy. A tandem jump is a suitable gift if you aren’t sure whether the recipient has the desire, courage or fitness to jump alone; also if they likely do not have the time to undertake an independent jump course (e.g. if the recipient is in Estonia for a few days or if this is a gift for a stag party).

AFF course

AFF is an intensive course where already the first jump involves freefall from an altitude of 4 km. The student jumps out of the plane and opens the parachute independently, but two instructors accompany the student in freefall for safety. After passing 7 jumps (levels) of an AFF course, the student has the right to jump solo. We recommend the AFF course as a gift to those who might have a serious interest in the sport of skydiving, a love for (extreme) sports and who are reasonably fit.

Static Line course

A Static Line course is the least expensive way to get acquinted with skydiving. The jump takes place from an altitude of 1.5 km, the parachute opens automatically right after the jump. A modern steerable ram-air parachute is used on all jumps. A Static Line course is a suitable gift for those who would like to make an independent skydive at least once. If they are then interested to continue jumping, it would be easy to switch to the AFF course and to continue to freefall jumps. This requires reasonable fitness.

Free amount

A gift card with a freely chosen amount is suitable if you are not sure if the recipient prefers a tandem jump or an independent course. This is also a great way to please a friend who is already a skydiver.

A gift card is valid for three years after issue. The theory course must be completed or the tandem jump must be made until the expiry date of the gift card (included). Theory courses take place between May and August, and jumps take place between May and September. The recipient can register for their jump on our website, using the registration form for the relevant course or tandem jump.

You will receive the gift card by e-mail immediatley after payment (if you don’t, please check your spam folder and contact us if needed).

In case of questions, write to or call +372 529 7258.