Tandem jump

A tandem jump with a professional instructor is a simple and safe way to experience freefall. On a tandem jump, the “passenger” is safely attached to the instructor and the instructor is responsible for landing the parachute. A tandem jump can also be a great gift, because the pre-jump briefing takes only 15 minutes.

Our professional instructors have taken thousands of adrenaline-hungry students on their first tandem jump, inluding local celebrities Kihnu Virve, Carmen Kass, Urmas Paet and Stig Rästa.

The price for a tandem jump is 269€, and you may purchase a professional video clip of your jump for 80€. A discounted price of 249€ applies to groups of five or more people.

Requirements for a tandem jumper

  • There is no minimum age, but the jumper must be sufficiently large to safely fit in the tandem harness (which is usually age 8 or older). Students below 18 years of age must present written consent from a parent or a guardian.
  • Weight below 100 kg.
  • Advanced physical fitness is not required for a tandem jump, but the jumper must be able to raise his or her legs while hanging in the harness.
  • The student may not suffer from medical conditions that may cause uncontrolled behaviour (such as sudden loss of conscientiousness, seizures etc.). In case of any questions please feel free to contact us at jump@skydive.ee
  • All skydivers – including tandem jumpers – must be completely sober. There is zero tolerance for alcohol at the airfield.

Group bookings

The booking form on our webpage accepts individual bookings. To make a group booking, you can either register group members individually or make a booking by phone or email (jump@skydive.ee, +372 54545544). Groups of 5 people or more are eligible for a discount price 249€ / pp (+ optional video 80€ / pp).


We start our season in May and continue to jump until September – October. We jump on Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays, weather permitting. The jump and the pre-jump groud briefing take place at the Rapla (Kuusiku) airfield. As an exception, from June 22nd to June 24th we jump on the island of Kihnu, from morning till evening.

Before the jump

The tandem jump is preceded by 30 minutes of ground preparations, after which you are ready to go to the plane!


Tandem jump with a professional instructor: half an hour of ground preparations, 15 minutes in a climbing plane, exit the airplane at 4 km, 45 seconds of freefall, 5 minutes of flight under a steerable parachute.

After the jump

If after the jump you feel that you want to continue with the sport of skydiving in a more serious fashion, we offer you the independent beginner courses (AFF or Static Line) during the same season with a discount of 95€, which is the annual membership fee of our club, included in your tandem fee.

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