1. Our club and our courses. Skydive Estonia (Eesti Langevarjuklubi), reg no 80049612, is a non-profi association whose purpose is to promote the sport of skydiving. The club holds a license issued by the Estonian Transport Administration (formerly Civil Aviation Authority) for organizing parachute jumps. The club offers skydiving beginner courses (AFF or SL type courses) and tandem jumps (with our without video recording), here referred to as “courses”. These conditions also apply to you if you have purchased one of our courses via a third party (e.g. through

2. Club membership. The purchaser of any course is deemed to have become a club member until the end of the calender year in whcih the course is bought. Membership does not prolong automatically; if you wish to prolong it, you must submit an application to the club management and to pay the annual fee (currently 95 euros). Membership does not entail any obligations.

3. Fees. Money paid for courses or any extras is not refundable, even if you decide not to jump (except in special cases according to section 5). You can designate another person to participate in the course and jump instead of you. If you have already participated in the AFF or SL theory course, but would like to transfer your jump to another person, then your replacement will need to pay an additional theory course fee of 25 euros. If you decide not to jump after the plane has taken off, the jump is still deemed to have been made and it can no longer be transferred. The conditions for the expiry of the course fees and gift cards may be found on our website; by accepting these conditions you confirm that you are aware of them.

4. Liability. Skydiving involves risks. We are not liable for any damages which may result from skydiving (including in the event of injury or death), except where resulting from intentional wrongdoing or gross negligence.

5. Right to jump. We reserve the right not to let you jump either temporarily or permanently for reasons of safety, e.g in the following cases: (i) your physical or mental shape does not, in our opinion, allow for a safe jump; (ii) you fail the AFF or SL exam on two tries; (iii) you violate the rules of conduct on the airfield or the justified instructions of our staff. In such cases any money paid is not refundable, except if you are unable to jump due to a long-term illness (that is at least two years).

6. Time of jump. We cannot guarantee that your jump will take place on a specific date or at a specific time; this depends on weather and other factors. We would still apply best efforts to organize your jump at the agreed time. A change in the time or date of your jump does not entitle you to a refund.

7. Changing the time of your jump (tandem). You may change the time ouf your tandem jump by using the cancellation/rebooking hyperlink provided in your registration e-mail. If you change the time of your jump less than 3 days before the jump or more than once, we reserve the right to chagre a rebooking fee of 50 euros before allowing you to jump. These restrictions do not apply in case of ilness or another reason which we reasonably find compelling.

8. No-show (tandem). If you are not there for your tandem jump at the time you booked, and you have not changed the time of your jump in accordance with section 7, you jump will be considered completed and we will not be able to offer you a new time or a refund. If you used a gift card as means of payment, the gift card will be considered redeemed.

9. Pictures and videos. While at the airfield, you may find yourself in a picture or a video which we may post on our website or on social media. Unless you inform us specifically that you do not wish for that to happen, we would assume your consent. This also applies to pictures or videos of your jump. Copyright to pictures or videos made of your jump remains with us, but you are deemed to hold a perpetual free of charge license from us to use such material as you please.

10. Personal data. We collect and keep the following personal data: your date of birth, weight, height, health information as declared by you, and the history of your courses and jumps. We do this for the following purposes: (i) to check your eligibility to jump and to select the right equipment; (ii) to make sure that our instructors have an overview of your health condition, your physical form and your development as a skydiver. We also keep your contact details to provide you wiht information on your selected course and, if possible, to send you one e-mail after your jump with information on your options to continue jumping in the future. We will delete all your data not later than three years after your last jump.