Demonstration jump

Would you like to make your wedding, office summer party or Grandma’s birthday special and unforgettable?

Order a demonstration jump and the brave skydivers from Skydive Estonia will come – with flags and smoke if you wish – from above to greet your guests. If you are brave and eager enough, we can also deliver you to your event with a tandem parachute.

In addition to livening up the event, skydivers will have photos and videos of it from the air. It is also possible to shoot pictures or video in the air for marketing or other similar purposes, without organizing a special event.

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General terms

Landing area
– the size of the landing area must be at least 30 x 50 meters, but this cannot be taken as the only condition (there are more details to be considered);
– the area should be free from physical obstacles, it can not be surrounded by tall buildings or trees;
– it is always preferable that a reserve landing area is available close to the main landing area (e.g. an empty parking lot);
– the best landing spots are football fields, stadiums, parking lots, and other open areas with a large area;
– the movement of onlookers must be restricted so they do not have access to the landing area during landing.

For a demo jump, the cloud base should be above 1,000m and the wind must not exceed 10 m/s.

From sunrise to sunset, from April to October, per prior agreement (if possible with at least 2 weeks’ notice).

If the event is taking place on public land, the landing of skydivers must be agreed with the local municipality. For example, the city of Tallinn requires that a special public event permit is obtained. If landing is on private land, then it is sufficient to obtain oral or written consent from the owner. Skydive Estonia will handle all the necessary formalities in connection with flying the airplane in the event area.