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Tandem jump + video


a tandem jump with an experienced instructor is an easy and safe way to experience freefall. During the jump, the “passenger” is attached to the instructor and they both land under the same canopy. A tandem jump is a suitable gift if you aren’t sure whether the recipient has the desire, courage or fitness to jump alone; also if they likely do not have the time to undertake an independent jump course (e.g. if the recipient is in Estonia for a few days or if this is a gift for a stag party).

A tandem jumper must be at least 8 years old (or large enough to fit in the harness). For persons under 18, a written permission from the parent or a guardian is required. The recipient’s health must be in order. In case of doubts, please contact us.

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A gift card is valid for three years after issue. The tandem jump must be made before the exiration date of the card (included). The jumping season is from May to September. The recipient can register for the jump on our website, using the tandem jump registration form.

In case of questions, write to or call +372 529 7258.