Beginners’ courses in English and Finnish in 2018

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Good news for our English and Finnish speaking friends and followers – we are planning several beginners’ courses in English  and a few in Finnish during 2018 spring and summer.

Here are the dates you can choose from:

English: May 11th, June 1st, June 29th, August 3rd and September 7th.

Finnish: June 8th and June 29th.

If you participate in the course in Finnish you should still be able to speak and understand English or Estonian on communication level as most of our instructors don’t speak Finnish.

Additional courses can be arranged if you have a group of at least 3 people.

On all these dates both Static Line (SL) and Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) courses are held. Theory part takes place in Tallinn (Skydive Estonia club rooms at Türi 10c), starting at 6 pm and ending around 10 pm. Jumping at Rapla airfield (about 60 km from Tallinn) on Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays, weather permitting.


Static Line  (SL): theory + 1 jump from 1500m (no freefall) 139€, including gear rental, packing of main parachute and membership fee of Skydive Estonia until the end of 2018.

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF): theory +1 jump from 4000m with 2 instructors (about 45 seconds of freefall) 299€, including gear rental, packing of main parachute and membership fee of Skydive Estonia until the end of 2018. Full course (7 levels/jumps) 929€ if you buy all 7 levels together!

Accommodation is possible with no extra cost at our bunkhouse at Rapla airfield during the weekend (Friday and Saturday nights).

Sign up or find out more by sending an e-mail to!

7 thoughts on “Beginners’ courses in English and Finnish in 2018

  1. Best,

    I’m a Belgian and want to get the AFF training.

    How long does it take to go through the 8 levels ?
    Is it also possible to get the consolidation jumps ?
    Will it result in certification ?

    Thank you so much,
    Tim Van Laere

  2. Hi Tim,
    The theory part takes 2 weekday evenings and we jump only at weekends, from Friday night to Sunday. How long it takes to complete the 7 (not 8) levels depends on many factors – yourself and weather of course and also the number of other students and instructors at the airfield. Since students use the same rental gear and same instructors :), there might be some queues. As there are usually less students at the beginning of the season (now), we suggest to come to the course as soon as you can (dates in the article above).
    In perfect conditions (good weather, lots of instructors and not so many other students, your good performance) it is possible to do all 7 levels during one weekend but usually it takes at least a few weekends. You might have to do some rejumps if you don’t pass a level on the first attempt.
    After completing the AFF course you can make as many jumps as you like :)

  3. Regarding the certification – completing the AFF course is the first step towards getting certified but you need at least 25 freefall jumps to apply for international FAI category A certificate. If you complete the AFF course with us and then want to go to another dropzone / club we can write a letter to them on your behalf and send your jump videos but it is up to them on what terms they will let you jump (may require additional training or jumps).
    With FAI category B (at least 50 freefall jumps) you would be welcome at most dropzones around the world.

    1. Our AFF course has 7 levels. After completing it you can continue to jump as much as you like :)

  4. Hi,

    We are three friends who would like to arrange an AFF course for this April. We have been trying to contact your club, but in vain.

    Is there a number on which we can call you and confirm the details?

    1. Hi Sanchit,
      we are discussing the possibility to accommodate your request and will get back to you soon!

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